Welcome to Cup N Cakes Dubai

We offer delicious, homemade, and bespoke cakes to suit every occasion.

It all started at Nicole’s kitchen table and was born out of her passion to design fun and delicious cakes. Based on her experience from the world of Hospitality, she dedicated herself to making her idea work.

By growing and using her passion for details to ensure every cake was perfect, Nicole’s skill and flair meant the successful business soon grew and is now based in Dubai where we can make a different variety of Cakes and Cupcakes for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and baby showers.

Nicole loves seeing her friends reaction when she lifts the lid and they see their cake for the first time! Their eyes light up and Nicole gets the satisfaction of having made their day!

Interested in one of Nicole's cakes? Please have a look around the site and contact us to discuss your ideas.

"Thank you for visiting Cup N Cakes Dubai, I look forward to baking for you soon!"